Although the Brewers’ Select series has been well received since our first offering, Alpha, we’ve decided to retire the series. “Brewers’ Select” just didn’t seem to capture the creativity and uniqueness of these brews, so we decided to change the name to Jester’s Choice!

Weyerbacher’s Brewers’ Select Series beers are special one-off and experimental brews, which encourage creativity and collaboration between all of our brewers. The naming schemes are pre-set, so title does not dictate the style of the beer. The first series followed the NATO phonetic alphabet. Series two began in early 2013 utilizing the names of northern hemisphere constellations.

Weyerbacher Brewers’ Select beers are released every few months in very limited quantities. Kegs go to select restaurants and bars, and only about 70 or so cases of 12 oz. bottles are made available exclusively at Weyerbacher’s Tasting Room. These beers are usually brewed once and then gone forever, so be sure to get out and have some while they last! These experimental and one-off Brewers’ Select beers may serve as pilot batches for new beers or ways to test new brewing or cellaring techniques.

Cassiopeia is a 10.9% ABV American barleywine with chocolate and orange notes. We’ve also added vanilla beans to the mix, so you’ll get a hint of that as well.

Canis Minor
Canis Minor is a 6.9% ABV saison featuring Apollo, Perle and Brambling Cross hops. Strong citrus flavors prevail with a light malt character from the Pils, Wheat and CaraPils malts. Using both Belgian and French saison yeast strains, this brew has a grapefruit nose with a spicy, herbal, dry finish.

Canes Venatici
Canes Venatici is a 6.7% ABV maibock-style (A LAGER!), which features a beautiful hop called “Mandarina Baveria”. This hop imparts an amazing mandarin orange-esque finish to this otherwise traditionally malty and lightly orange-colored spring lager. The malts used are 100% German: Pilsner, Munich and Vienna. We bittered Canes Venatici with Apollo hops and used Mandarina Baveria for flavor and aroma. Fermentation was with German Bock yeast.

Camelopardalis is a 10.2% ABV Belgian-style Imperial IPA with a deceptively low bitterness measurement of 40 IBU. This brew sports huge aromatic notes of orange, coconut and tropical fruits (thanks to the whirlpool blast of over 200 pounds of Hopsteiner OCC Experimental and Simcoe hops!). It’s vinous, leggy and has a nice, fluffy white head. The dry, malty backbone is courtesy of a 100% North American pale malt grain bill fermented with a Belgian wheat beer yeast. Esters of green apple linger on your palate.

Bootes is a 9% ABV American Strong Ale in the 100 BTU range, which gets its strong malt character from Pale, Wheat, Biscuit, Crystal and roasted malts. Bootes is mash-hopped with Simcoe for increased bitterness and aroma hopped with Bravo and Centennial.

Auriga is a 6.5% ABV American Stout, which is slightly roasty with a dry finish. Auriga has a good hop flavor, thanks to plenty of Delta hops in the kettle and whirlpool. Vienna forms the entire base malt with lots of Caramunich, roasted barley and chocolate malt.

Aries is an 8% ABV blend of 2 Weyerbacher favorites – Old Heathen and Imperial Pumpkin Ale. The result? A really balanced, yet spicy, dark beer which will work very well as a dessert beer and still pair nicely with your favorite fall foods.

Aquila is a 7.1% ABV light-bodied Belgian Farmhouse-style ale with heavy American aroma. Pale, toasted wheat and rye malts are combined with Bravo and Simcoe hops.

Andromeda is a 4.7% ABV Amber Ale with a pronounced and complex malt profile, notes of coffee, bread and roasted grains.

Zulu is a 3.7% ABV is an “Eastoner Weisse”, a wheat ale that has a satisfying lactic sourness that was crafted in Easton, PA. A simple malt combination of Pilsner and Wheat fermented with both brewer’s yeast and lactic acid-producing microorganisms gives rise to a beer that is pale yellow, surprisingly complex and dangerously refreshing.

Yankee is an 8.4% ABV “Old Ale”. Described by some as a baby barleywine, Yankee is a full-bodied mahogany ale with an intense malt aroma and flavor. You’ll find caramel, bread and fruit, with a touch of spice and smoke, and a warm vinous finish. English East Kent Golding hops balance out this malty treasure!

X-Ray is a 6.7% ABV “Robust Porter”. Chocolate and coffee notes run through this aggressively bittered, pitch black, robust porter. X-Ray is kettle-hopped with Fuggles and EK Goldings, and dry hopped with more EK Goldings, giving it an earthy and fruity English character to go with its American sensibilities.

Whiskey Barrel Aged
Whiskey Barrel Aged is a 9% ABV dark, malty Brown Ale aged in whiskey barrels. We used a blend of 6 different malts to give it notes of sweet dried fruits. The beer was then aged in whiskey barrels to impart big flavors of vanilla, oak and whiskey.

Victor is a 5.8% ABV India Red Ale with a strong malty backbone and a roasty base. It features Warrior, Northern Brewer and Centennial hops. Victor is dry hopped with more Centennial.

Uniform is a 7% ABV hoppy interpretation of a German-style Roggenbier. It is brewed with 25% Rye, 25% Wheat and 50% Pilsner malts and fermented with our house German Hefeweizen yeast. It is as bitter as a nice IPA and has a beautiful aroma, which blends American hops with the traditional clove notes of Weiss beer.

Tango is a 9.6% ABV Belgian-style dark ale brewed with cherries. It is a festive combination of malts, Belgian yeast and cherries. This dark chestnut brew has a nice caramel malt character, a tart cherry fruitiness that carries throughout and a nice warming finish.

Sierra is Weyerbacher’s take on a milk stout. Starting off with a healthy dose of Maris Otter as a base, we integrated some roasted barley, plenty of chocolate and munich malts, a touch of flaked oats and some milk sugar to balance out this roasty treat.

Romeo is an approximately 8.5% Belgian Red Ale, with a nice dose of Hallertuaer and Saaz in the finish.

Que¿beck is an American Pale Ale, which will be a nice summer refresher with a crackin’ hop character. Finished with Cascade and Sorachi Ace hops, this beer will deliver a nice citrus, lemon character.

Papa is a Scotch Ale, which is intensely malty and complex. It is a malt lover’s dream and the antithesis of Blanche.

Oscar is a 7% ABV Hefeweizen/IPA hybrid or a “Hoppy Hefe”. It’s cloudy and yellow in appearance, much like a typical German-style Hefeweizen and it has an IPA-like hop profile. Oscar is a medium-bodied ale with a spicy clove character that blends well with the spicy side of the Hallertuaer and Saaz hop varieties.

November is an Imperial Breakfast Brown Ale, which is a Brown Ale made with oats and coffee. The coffee used was supplied to us by Homestead Coffee Roasters in Upper Black Eddy, PA. The beer pours with a thick, creamy white head that sticks around. The crisp carbonation opens up the aroma filled with fresh roasted coffee, bread and a subtle fruit note. The first taste brings on an exceedingly smooth coffee flavor that meshes perfectly with the maltiness of the base beer.

Mike is a 7.7% ABV Belgian-style Dubbel. It has a rich malty character and a somewhat surprising dryness.

Lima is a 6.3% ABV American-style India Black Ale. Lima can be likened to a traditional IPA brewed with dark malts added to give it a brown color and a roasty character.

Kilo is a 5.9% ABV unfiltered Saison made with chamomile, coriander and grains of paradise. The spices, hops and yeast have formed a complex spicy palate enhanced with a tart undertone. The sweet, floral aroma is filled with orange, Juicy Fruit and pepper let loose by lively carbonation.

Juliet is an 8.5% ABV Altbier.

India is a 7.2% ABV American IPA.

Hotel is an 8.2% ABV American Porter.

Golf is a 6% ABV Weizenbock.

Foxtrot is a 6.8% ABV Bière de Garde.

Echo is a 6.8% ABV Rye beer.

Delta is a 7.2% ABV American Double/Imperial Stout.

Charlie is a 7.4% ABV smoked dark ale.

Bravo is a 6.4% ABV American Pale Wheat Ale.

Alpha is a Belgian-style Pale Ale.