We have a new IPA series that will give IPA fans 4 new IPAs each year! Simply called IPA or Double IPA, this revolving small batch series is a great way for people to enjoy the freshest Weyerbacher IPA! Each new recipe will feature different hops that we’ve carefully selected.

Weyerbacher's IPA Series

IPA #3

The 3rd IPA release of this series features two hop varieties from New Zealand – Rakau and Wakatu. This light bodied 5.5% ABV IPA is subtle and fruity in flavor with floral, fruit and lime zest notes in the aroma.

IPA #2

The 2nd IPA release of this series is a refreshing and light bodied IPA that contains 30% wheat and uses large amounts of Simcoe and Denali hops as late additions. This 5.5% ABV IPA has citrus and tropical notes in the aroma. Tropical and pineapple flavors prevail with a mild piney finish.

IPA #1

The first IPA release of this series, IPA #1, features a blend of classic hops, Centennial and Cascade, along with new varieties, Calypso and Equinox. This 5.5% ABV IPA has citrus and floral notes that meld into citrus and tropical flavors with an herbal undertone that ties it all together.

Weyerbacher's Double IPA

Double IPA #4

Double IPA #4 is a hazy and juicy New England-style Double IPA brewed with pilsner malt and oats. Featuring Citra and Simcoe hops, this refreshing 9% ABV brew has notes of tropical fruit, citrus and pine.

Double IPA #3

Double IPA #3 is a 9% ABV Black IPA made with the classic “C” hops (Cascade, Centennial and Columbus) with lots of Amarillo in the dry hop. English barley malts and midnight wheat create a velvety smooth base on which these hops shine.

Double IPA #2

Double IPA #2, featuring Waimea, Wai-iti and Galaxy hops, comes in at 9% ABV and is in the 70 IBU range. With a little more bite than the first in the series, this citrusy brew has mandarin, lime zest and tropical notes.

Double IPA #1

Our first release, Double IPA #1, is full of Cascade, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. Weighing in at 9% ABV, this brew has a piney and herbal aroma. Tropical fruit and berry mesh with citrus notes to create a well-rounded profile that is both complex and refreshing.

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