Blasphemy is our QUAD aged in bourbon barrels. Blasphemy should have gentle vanilla oaky notes, which complement rather than supersede the complex qualities that already make QUAD such an incredible beer.

Cinnamon added to Insanity while it ages in whiskey barrels results in a smooth 13.3% ABV brew, which brings a complementary note of cinnamon to the already present notes of bourbon, cherry and vanilla.

D’Tango Unchained
D’Tango Unchained is a 9.6% ABV Belgian-Style Dark Ale brewed with cherries (AKA Tango), which we then aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces.

Finally Legal
Finally Legal is a 13.5% ABV bourbon barrel aged stout with rich chocolate flavor with hints of vanilla and a touch of smoky bacon.

Sexy MotherPucker
Sexy MotherPucker is a 7.5% ABV sour ale with bright citrus notes. Amber hued, tangy and dry on the palate, this tart beer nicely balances sour and malt.

Shuck Yeah! Oyster Stout
Brewed with Deer Creek Malt and oyster shells from 3rd & Ferry Fish Market (Easton, PA) for Easton Clam Jam 2016, this 5% ABV dry oyster stout is smooth & roasty, with a rich mouthfeel and subtle hints of the sea.

Tarte Nouveau
Tarte Nouveau, 3.9% ABV, is kettle-soured with lactobacillus. This tart beer pours pale yellow with a large, dense, white head.