Double Simcoe IPA, 9.0% ABV, is a full flavored ale with hints of pine and citrus up front, a good malt backbone in the middle and a clean finish.

Double Simcoe is our incredible reward for Hopheads seeking the intense hop flavor in a Double IPA, without the harshness. It is brewed utilizing only the Simcoe hop variety. This hybrid hop, developed and trademarked by Select Botanicals Group, LLC in the year 2000, was created for its high alpha acid content, maximum aromatic oils and low cohumulone (harshness) levels so that brewers can really put a lot of ‘em in a beer and not create an overly harsh taste.

Check it out and you’ll soon see why everyone’s talking about it.

Named 2006 “PA Beer of the Year” by Beer Author Lew Bryson, at

Double Simcoe is retiring! Sadly, our time with Double Simcoe will soon come to an end… There’s a LIMITED number of cases available throughout our distribution area and we’re SOLD OUT at The Tap Room! #SoLongSimcoe

ABV: 9.0%

Original Gravity: 23

IBU: 90

Hops: Simcoe (B/A)

Recommended Serving Temp: 40° – 50° F

Serving Glass: Cuvee

Pairs well with flavorful and spicy dishes such as curry, barbecue, grilled meat, game and salmon.
Sharp: Farmhouse Cheddars and Provolone. Peppery: Monterey and Pepper Jack. Examples include Tuma Persa and Mahon Artesano.

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