Request a Private Tour

Thanks for requesting a private tour of our craft brewery and facility!

The Specifics…

  • Private tours are only available during normal Tap Room business hours.
  • Private tours are $3 per person, which you can pay at the time of the tour.
  • Private tours can reserve a table in The Tap Room for $20. Table reservation is for the table only - no guarantee there will be chairs available.
  • If you must cancel your private tour, no worries - we understand things happen. Please let us know as soon as possible that you won’t be coming. We’ll cry softly in the corner for a moment, but there will be no charge to you.

The Rules…

  • ALL customers must have a valid ID. If you do not look a day over 100, we may ask to see your ID. If you do NOT have a valid ID, sorry but no beer for you.
  • If you are underage and we see you drinking a beer, you will be asked to leave immediately.
  • NO alcohol purchased elsewhere is allowed in the building. We have plenty of tasty brews here for you to enjoy - no need for the others! None shall pass with alcohol from the outside world.
  • Growlers and bottles purchased in The Tap Room are for consumption off premises ONLY.
  • Visibly intoxicated people will not be served.
  • If you break a glass, you owe us $5.

The Legal Stuff…
The following is a waiver of Liability and Release that must be read and agreed to by any individual participating in your private tour and/or private party. Participation is prohibited unless this form has been read in its entirety and agreed upon. This consent shall be valid throughout the duration of participation of the signor.

  1. I understand that I am voluntarily participating in the brewery tour at my own risk and I believe that I am in appropriate health and physical condition. I acknowledge that I am of legal drinking age (21 years or older) to participate in this tour. I am also aware that consumption of alcoholic beverages can be a hazardous activity. I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of the potential danger involved and hereby agree to accept any and all risks of personal injury including death that may be sustained by me and any loss or damage to property owned by me, as a result of participation in the tour.
  2. I AGREE to WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS I MAY HAVE NOW OR IN THE FUTURE, RELEASE FROM ALL LIABILITY AND AGREE NOT TO SUE Weyerbacher, its members, agents, representatives, employees or tour guides (collectively referred to as “Staff”) for any death, personal injury, property damage, or loss sustained by me as a result of participation in the tour due to any cause whatsoever, including without limitation, negligence on the part of Weyerbacher, its Staff, or other participants. I further agree that if I violate this agreement and attempt to bring suit against any parties named herein, that lawsuit must be brought in Northampton County and under the laws of Pennsylvania. I agree that I will also be held responsible for attorney’s fees and costs incurred by any party, including Weyerbacher, in defending such action.
  3. At any time that I am participating in events/activities sponsored by Weyerbacher, I hereby consent to any medical and/or other treatment as may be considered necessary by a qualified physician, nurse or designated Weyerbacher staff member. In case of emergency, I give permission to Weyerbacher staff to contact emergency medical services and/or secure treatment for me.
  4. I understand that vomiting due to excessive drinking is for amateurs. I understand that if I do vomit, I will be responsible for cleaning up the mess and I will also be responsible for paying a $100 fine.
  5. At any time that I am participating in events/activities sponsored by Weyerbacher, I hereby consent Weyerbacher to terminate the tour at any time at their discretion for reasons that protect the safety and wellbeing of the participants on the tour.
  6. I voluntarily consent to be photographed and/or videographed while participating with Weyerbacher sponsored events or activities. I understand that the intended use of the photograph(s)/ video(s) is for publicity, education, marketing or public information efforts.

    I understand this Waiver of Liability and Release constitutes the entire understanding between the parties referenced herein with respect to matters set forth herein. There are no oral representations, arrangements, or agreements between the parties referenced herein other than those contained verbatim in this Waiver of Liability and Release.

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