Dallas Sucks, Weyerbacher Brewing's Collaboration with Jose PistolasDallas Sucks, Weyerbacher Brewing's Collaboration with Jose Pistolas
This one’s for the FANS! If there’s one thing that most of the NFC East can agree on, it’s that DALLAS SUCKS, so let us introduce you to the new unofficial beer of the 2017 season! Flavor forward, this brew was made for tailgating in parking lots, celebrating first downs and big hits, high-fiving friends and basking in the thrill of victory. This totally downable pale ale was brewed with our friends that bleed green at Jose Pistola’s!

ABV: 4.5%

Hops: Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade

Available: September 2017

Note from The COO

Sundays in the fall, you’ll likely find me enjoying a beer and watching a game. The camaraderie of rooting for our team is one of the things that I love most about football. The rivalries are a close second. If our team is our good guy, then there has to be a foe. In the East, that foe is Dallas – christened “America’s team” so many years ago (eye roll)… But a friendly rivalry makes watching the games that much more enjoyable. We’re releasing Dallas Sucks not just because of that rivalry, but because the camaraderie needs something delicious to rally around.

If you’re a Dallas fan, I hope you take this as what it is – a little good natured ribbing by a fan. If you see me at our Tap Room or at another bar, let’s have a beer and enjoy our love of the sport. I’ll bust your stones about Dallas and you can laugh at me about Santa’s snowballs or whatever it is this year.

With hurricane Harvey beating up Texas, we wanted to make sure that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Dallas Sucks went and did some good as well, so we’ll be donating to the Red Cross to help people affected by the hurricane. Here in PA, we take football seriously, but we also take caring for our fellow Americans seriously.

We tried to find a Dallas brewery that would collaborate with us on this, but our east coast sense of humor didn’t seem to resonate. Maybe next year… ‘Til then, I’ll be raising a Dallas Sucks (or a few) on September 10th with all of my brothers and sisters that don’t just love football and beer, but love to rally behind a rivalry and revel in a win!

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