Verboten, 5.9% ABV, is a Belgian-style Pale Ale with an American twist. It’s brewed with Pale, Carahell and Wheat malts, and generously hopped with Cascade to give it a distinctly American character. This medium bodied beer has a crisp palate and moderate bitterness coupled with the fruity esters from our Abbey yeast strain. Verboten is bottle and keg conditioned, so expect a tall fluffy head and a small amount of yeast.

Originally released as “Alpha”, Verboten was the first Brewers’ Select beer. It was later seasonally released as the word for “fools” in Dutch. THAT name was “forbidden”, so we have elected to go with Verboten (German for forbidden)!

ABV: 5.9%

Original Gravity: 15.8

IBU: 30

Hops: Centennial(B), Cascade

Recommended Serving Temp: 45° – 55° F

Serving Glass: Snifter, Cuvee

Works well with frites, mussels, salads and spicy or light pasta dishes. Verboten also complements Thai or Belgian style dishes.
Tangy: Brick, Edam and Feta. Flaky cheeses, goat cheese and Parmesan. Examples include Tomme De Savoie, Bucheron and Parmesan.

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